Phosphoric Acid Plant Project


Belledune, New Brunswick, Canada
Port of Belledune

Arianne Phosphate – The Company

Arianne Phosphate Inc. is a Canadian company having its head office in Saguenay, Québec. Listed on the TSXV under the symbol “DAN,” it is an apatite (phosphate) mining company in the start-up phase.
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Apatite Mine Project

Arianne Phosphate is now developing its Lac à Paul mine project, one of the largest phosphate projects in the world. The company’s goal is to produce very high-quality apatite (phosphate) concentrate containing little or no contaminants.
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Partnership with the Government of New Brunswick

Arianne Phosphate has partnered with Opportunities New Brunswick and the Regional Development Corporation to conduct a prefeasibility study and product pretesting with a view to implementing a phosphoric acid plant at Belledune.
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What is a Prefeasibility Study?

The purpose of a prefeasibility study is to determine the costs associated with a project and assess the host environment’s capacity to accommodate it (i.e., location, environmental constraints, transport, etc.). This is the stage when the initial plans are drafted. The community is also consulted to take note of concerns as of the first phase of project design. This prefeasibility study will take about five months to complete.


The phosphoric acid plant will require a yearly supply of sulfuric acid, water* and apatite from the Lac à Paul mine. The plant will produce 500,000 tonnes of phosphoric acid (product), along with by-product gypsum.
*Since the water would be supplied by NB Power, no new water source would be required.

Community Consultation

  • Comments
  • Concerns
  • Suggestions

Your opinion matters, especially during the prefeasibility study phase when no decisions have been made yet. Your comments, suggestions and concerns will help us develop a project that is well adapted to your community.

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