Transportation of concentrate

Phosphate concentrate produced by Arianne will be transported by truck from the plant to the deep-water port located on the North shore of the Saguenay River.

The trucks hauling the phosphate concentrate from the mine to the port will take existing forest roads R0200 and R0253. First off, these roads will have to be upgraded.

Several safety measures will be taken to ensure that all road users live together in harmony and safely. There will be year long maintenance of the 240 odd kilometers of route used by our trucks.

The selected run is base on the existing forest routes. Nonetheless, Arianne’s team is working on optimizing the run in atempt to move the road away from the vacationers nearby.

The installation of unloading ramps will allow the transhipment of the phosphate concentrate  from the trucks to the storage silos. This method is especially used by the forestry industry to unload wood chip trucks.  Subsequently, the concentrate will be carried to the boat with a closed conveyor. The maritime terminal will welcome an average of one boat per day all year.


Triple axle trucks will be used mesuring around 3.7 meters wide. The trailers will be closed. The trucks and trailers will be equipped with data monitoring system.

Transportation, in short

  • 61 trucks with covered trailers
  • Truck capacity: 120 tons
  • Cycle length: 12 hours, i.e. 2 cycles/day per truck
  • Predicted average speed: between 45 and 50 km/h
  • Road width: 10 meters
  • Truck width: 3.7 meters
  • Approximately 230 transport days/year
  • No transport between 12 PM Friday and 6 PM Sunday
  • No transport on legal holidays
  • Halt during the thaw period: around 21 days/year
  • Stops for unforeseen events (weather, forest fires, etc.): about 10 days/year
  • Boats per week: 1

Preferred Route

Decree Road

Proposed Bypass for Sensitive Inhabited Areas

Carte de localisation des contournements proposés
Published on June 14, 2017
Important! The bypass shown on this map are preliminary. These will have to be approved by several provincial ministries, which is not yet the case.

Trucks and Trailers (preliminary design)

Dessins préliminaires

Trucks Crossing (preliminary design)

(preliminary design)

On Ramp Dumping (preliminary design)

(preliminary design)

Transportation of concentrate on southern part on 172 road

Several concentrate transportation scenarios on the southern part of the road 172 have been studied by Arianne. The preferred scenario for the installation of the maritime terminal is located in the municipality of Saint-Rose-du-Nord, about 2.1 km away from the nearest resident.

The construction of the haul road will require major new infrastructures promoting safety and tranquility in the surroundings areas. For instance, a viaduct will be built on the road 172 in order to insure the safety of the regional road users and Arianne’s truck drivers.

Maritime Terminal (preliminary simulation)

Visual Simulation Maritime Terminal

Relations with vacationers and residents

Relations with stakeholders are among Arianne’s priorities. The public consultation process started in 2009, it has elvoved through the years and it’s still in progress.

In November 2013, a committee  consisting of representatives from the Saint-Fulgence municipality, the MRC du Fjord du Saguenay, the Collectif de l’Anse à Pelletier and Arianne Phosphate was established. This committee allowed the Company to optimise its transportation scenario south of the road 172.

In June 2014, the Territorial and Company Consultation Table was established. It consists of representatives from political, economic and social spheres directly concerned by the project.

In November 2014, Arianne announced the establishment of its Monitoring Committee.

Also in  2014, the Company held many individual and group meetings with :

  • cottagers of route R0200 and R0253  whose cottage is located at 100 meters or less from the concentrate transportation route
  • cottagers route R0200 and R0253  whose cottage is located at more than 100 meters to a maximum of 500 meters from the concentrate transportation route
  • cottagers and landowners of lots on which the concentrate transportation route will constructed south of road 172.
  • cottagers  and residents of Neil Lake

Arianne representatives present the project to different groupes who request it. In addition, material and publicity were produced to inform the population and the general public. News and photos were also added on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr).

Supply Road

The mine and plant’s supplies will be transported using the Chemin des Passes-Dangereuses which is accessed by the municipality of Saint-Ludger-de-Milot, Lac-Saint-Jean.

Using this road will help divide the transporation volume. In this way, the roads R0200 and R0253 will be used to transport the phosphate concentrate to the maritime terminal, and the Chemin des Passes-Dangereuses will be used only for the transport of plant supplies. This road will be also used during the entire construction process of the mine site.