Community offers positive feedback on the Lac à Paul mining project

Arianne Resources (“Arianne” or the “Company”)(TSX-V:DAN) is pleased to announce that two successful information sessions were held in the communities of Dolbeau Mistassini and Saguenay on June 8th and 9th respectively, in which the Company learned of community support for the Lac à Paul Mining Project. Nearly one hundred people participated, having read the various planned project components to operate an open pit
phosphorus mine at Lac à Paul, in the Chute des Passes region north of Lac Saint- John. The process was conducted jointly by Arianne Resources with assistance from the Eco-Advising Chair of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC), and is in line with the Company’s sustainable development policy. The information sessions were carried out as part of a research project on participatory methods. The agenda for each session included a brief presentation on Lac à Paul by Mr. Bernard Lapointe, President of Arianne Resources, followed by a “coffee forum” discussion session led by the UQAC Eco-Advising Chair. The informal discussion was incorporated to enable community participants to voice any concerns relating to the Company’s plans.

Management was pleased to receive positive feedback from area residents, including verbal indications of general support for the Lac à Paul Mining Project. Bernard Lapointe, President of Arianne Resources comments, “We
intend to continue listening to people interested in the project and we are willing to take into account issues of sustainable development in respect of the environment and those who live in the area.” A second series of community meetings is being planned for the fall.

For more information about the public information sessions, please visit the website (in French only):

Arianne Resources’ Lac à Paul project aims to mine and develop phosphorus-bearing deposits in the Lac à Paul area of Chute des Passes north of Lac Saint-Jean. With the decline of the logging economy in Saguenay / Lac Saint-Jean, the activities of the Company are stimulating a much needed influx of new industry to the region. In addition to providing great value for investors, Arianne looks forward to propagating a number of key benefits to the local community. The Lac à Paul project could generate $325 million in investment for the region, create 250 jobs, and lead to significant economic spinoffs on both local and regional levels. Further benefits include the creation of indirect employment required to support mine workers, and general economic stimulation for Saguenay / Lac-SaintJean suppliers generated by a possible increase in the volume of purchased goods and services.

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